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We believe in the power of individuals as driving forces for change in our community. When you invest in a person, you don't just empower one individual—you strengthen families, organizations, and society as a whole.

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Moving In

Strengthening Families.

Transforming Communities.

Transforming You, Inc., originally focused on uplifting women and girls, has grown into a dynamic force for holistic community transformation. Since 2018, our organization has been at the forefront of empowering individuals and families, extending our mission to include people from all walks of life.


We are proud to introduce our newest initiative: affordable transitional housing. Understanding the crucial role of stable housing in personal and family development, we now offer safe, affordable rental options. This program is designed to provide a stepping stone for those in transition, whether they are moving towards independent living, recovering from personal setbacks, or simply in need of a supportive community environment.


Our flagship program, 'She's Been Transformed,' caters specifically to the needs of young women and their children. This initiative is tailored to meet the diverse challenges faced by girls and women aged 13 and up, encompassing a range of services from educational support to emotional and mental health resources. Our goal is to nurture their potential, helping them to overcome barriers and realize their full capabilities.


In addition, we are committed to supporting those reentering society from the justice system. Our reentry program service provides ex-offenders with essential resources, guidance, and support. We focus on helping them comply with probation requirements, make positive life changes, and integrate successfully into society. Our approach is rooted in the belief that with the right support, everyone has the potential to lead a law-abiding, productive life.

At Transforming You, Inc., we believe in the power of community and the strength that comes from diverse support. Our expanded services reflect our commitment to empowering all members of our community, transforming lives one individual, one family at a time. Join us in our journey to build a more inclusive, empowered, and resilient society.

Our Services


Transitional housing provides a critical bridge for individuals and families seeking stability and growth.                                 


These affordable rentals are more than just a place to stay; they offer a nurturing environment for personal development and a stepping stone towards long-term independence.


The lack of affordable housing has been a significant issue. For example, a recent study showed that over 500,000 Americans experience homelessness on any given night, with affordable housing shortages being a key contributing factor.


This program specifically addresses the unique challenges faced by young women and their children. It offers comprehensive support including educational resources, mental health services, and life skills training. The goal is to empower young women aged 13 and up to overcome barriers and reach their full potential.


Studies indicate that young women face unique challenges, with 1 in 4 girls experiencing sexual abuse or assault by age 17. Furthermore, women under 25 are the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population, underlining the need for targeted support.


This service provides crucial support for ex-offenders reintegrating into society. It includes resources for complying with probation, accessing employment and education, and receiving counseling. The program aims to reduce recidivism by equipping ex-offenders with the tools for a productive, law-abiding life.


Recidivism rates in the U.S. are high, with about 44% of released prisoners re-arrested within their first year out of prison. Effective reentry programs are shown to reduce these rates significantly, highlighting the importance of such services.



In addition to providing for the Social-Emotional needs of individuals, Transforming You Inc. also supports their immediate tangible needs that include:


  • Food | Clothes | Shoes


  • Financial planning and credit restoration


  • Resume writing

  • Support with Utility Bills


  • Technology Training

  • Job Preparedness Assistance

  • Emergency relief assistance for homeless families


  • Meals for single mothers living in extended stay accommodations



Trenessa Beene

CEO/ Founder of Transforming You, Inc.

In 2017, while riding back from Tupelo Ms. God said we need to go out in the community of Tupelo, Ms, and pray out in the open. I followed through and called it the Be Free Campaign. We prayed and fed the community as well. It was on July 4th the exact date that my sister ended up getting her miracle in 2018.


We established what is now called Transforming You, Inc. I went on a 91-day fast, and in those 91 days, I got the 501c3 and also became a notary. It was in 2010 while visiting Chicago Illinois, I saw a homeless man walking on cardboard boxes with no shoes. This is when God laid it on my heart to start a non-profit but I procrastinated. 


On May 30, 2018, my sister who was 42 years old got put on the waiting list. On July 2, 2018, she received the call to come to the University of Alabama in Birmingham. On July 4, 2018, she received her miracle! A double lung transplant from a 20-year-old young man. My life changed forever! I started planning events not knowing what I was really doing. Every event was a success!  I knew then that this was my true ministry.


From a Conference called Breaking The Cycles which was for families, Christmas Event called The Gift of Giving, July 4th Be Free Prayer Event, Thanksgiving Community Lunch, Christmas Toy Giveaway, Skyzone Events, Shoe Fundraisers, Facebook Fundraisers, and now planning to Launch the actual business. I am now a Life Coach, Writing my first book, and looking for multiple homes, or buildings, to house the homeless. God is definitely using me at this time of my life. Trenessa has had the desire to help achieve dreams since she was a small girl growing up in Tupelo, Ms. She moved to Georgia in 2000 and started a home-based Child care called The Beene Patch for about 4 years. Was registered with the Bright From The Start Early Care and Learning, and also Quality Care For Children. Trenessa graduated from American Intercontinental University with a Business Degree. Trenessa also went to school for Early Childhood and has a Georgia Paraprofessional Educator Certificate.

Trenessa is a part of Gwinnett Coalition, a Life Coach, and a notary. I started a group on Facebook called Let's Uplift and Adopt A Senior when the Pandemic started due to graduations being canceled. Montell Kirk was the one chosen to win the  $500.00 scholarship. Trenessa has the heart to give, and see lives changed! 


"Our mission is to enhance and equip economically disadvantaged individuals, by providing shelter, and avenues to other resources. Transforming lives one day at a time!"

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