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We Transform Lives One Day At A Time Rehabilitation Program



Our program seeks to provide ex-offenders with the necessary resources, guidance, and support to help them make positive life changes, comply with probation requirements, and ultimately lead law-abiding, productive lives.

Components of the Program:


Case Management: Assign dedicated probation officers to ex-offenders, offering personalized guidance and monitoring progress.


Employment Assistance: We provide job training, resume building, and job placement services.

Education and Skills Development: We offer vocational training, and workshops on life skills, financial literacy, and conflict resolution.

Mental Health and Counseling Services: We have collaborated with mental health professionals to provide counseling and support for dealing with the emotional and psychological challenges of reintegration.

Substance Abuse Treatment: We provide access to substance abuse treatment programs for those with addiction issues.

Community Service Opportunities: Engage participants in community service projects, promoting a sense of responsibility and connection.

Housing Assistance: We currently provide stable transitional housing for ex-offenders up to one year.

Mentorship Program: We have a mentorship program where volunteers from the community will guide ex-offenders in making positive choices.

Progress Tracking: We implement regular assessments to measure the participants' progress and adjust the program accordingly.

Benefits of the Program:

Reduced Recividism: By addressing the root causes of criminal behavior, we aim to reduce recidivism rates, enhancing community safety.
Productive Citizens: Ex-offenders who successfully complete the program will have improved employment prospects, contributing positively to the local economy and sustainable housing.

Community Engagement: The program fosters a sense of community involvement and support for ex-offenders, reducing the stigma associated with their past.

Cost Savings: Lower recidivism rates translate to reduced criminal justice system costs over time.

Public Safety: A rehabilitated ex-offender is less likely to engage in criminal activities, making the community safer for everyone.

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