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We are opening the doors to new beginnings with affordable transitional housing.



 Our housing program is designed to provide short-term housing assistance to offer stability for men, women, and families. Recognizing the crucial role that a stable living environment plays in the overall well-being of individuals and communities, Transforming You, Inc. offers this program as a stepping stone towards long-term stability and independence.

The Transitional Housing Program focuses on providing safe, affordable rental accommodations. Our aim is to bridge the gap for those in transition, whether they are recovering from personal setbacks, seeking a fresh start, or working towards self-sufficiency.

Key Features of the Program:


Short-term Assistance: The program is structured to offer temporary housing, helping residents during critical transition periods.

Affordable Rent: While the program offers lower rental rates than the market average, approved tenants will still be responsible for paying their rent. This responsibility is part of our commitment to fostering independence and financial responsibility.

Supportive Environment: In addition to housing, we provide access to various resources and support systems designed to assist tenants in their journey towards stability.

Eligibility and Application:

To be eligible for the Transitional Housing Program, applicants must meet certain criteria which are detailed in our housing application.

The intake process involves a comprehensive assessment to ensure that the program is well-suited to the needs of the applicant.

We understand that housing is just one part of the journey. Our program includes additional support services aimed at empowering residents in various aspects of their lives, from financial planning to accessing community resources.

For more information about the Transitional Housing Program, or to inquire about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Detailed information, including the housing application and intake form, can be found below. Join us in taking this important step towards stability and empowerment for you and your family.

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